Monday, 16 March 2009


So, last week I decided to expand my scrapbooking community and join UK Scrappers. OK, I'll amend that, I actually joined 2 years ago, I actually decided last week to take the plunge and post on their website!

Anyway, I got adopted by my new scrapping mummy and have now joined a team (hi girls!;)). I also did my first ever UKS challenge. It was to scrap a funny face and I just had to scrap this picture of Xander!

This teeny tiny dog is actually a toy from a Happy Meal and he takes it everywhere. he also loves showing me it and shouting 'Puppy!' at me, which is exactly what he's doing in this pic!

Anyway, just a quick post again today; it's assignment time again! Aaaarrrggghhhhh!!!


Jackie said...

What a cutie! Seeing your handwriting is such a blast from the past ... made me smile cos I thought of all those letters from you I still have in a box somewhere :)
Hope you are all feeling better your end and good for you for joining the scapping group.

Lou said...

Awww Jackie, do you still have them?! An d LOL that I still write like I did when I was a child! ;)