Monday, 9 March 2009

And We Have A Hat-Trick!

So, on Friday night I was banished upstairs as Rob was shampooing the living room carpet (big heavy things carpet cleaners so not good for us stent folk!). So, I decided to take all my scrapping stuff up with me and do yet another layout - that's 3 in a week!

I did another page from Emily's baby album (yup, yet another 7 year wait!). I went with these pictures of when Emily first met her Great Grandad (my wonderful Grandad); I remember someone commenting about the contrast between his big well-worked rough hands and her tiny delicate ones so went with that for my theme:

I'm not sure why I pick when I'm at my busiest to have a scrapbooking roll. Last week was manic again and yet I managed a hat-trick of layouts. If I ever get a so-called quiet week I'll no doubt be slumped on the sofa without an an ounce of crafty mojo in sight!

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