Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Happy Birthday Poppy!

Happy birthday to my little pal (and Xander's main squeeze!) Poppy, who turns 2 today!

Poppy's mum commissioned me to make Poppy another doll as she loved her Christmas one. This time she wanted Fifi - hmmmmm a tad complicated but I gave it a go and I love her:
Have a great day Poppy!


Rach said...

OMG how cute!!!

I want a Sawyer doll!!!!

pinky said...

Crikey, this is adorable! How do you do it....

Lou said...

Yeah Rach, like a Sawyer doll would ever make it out of my house! :P

Pinky, it's just a basic doll pattern that's been adapted. It just takes watching a lot of Fifi dvds to try and work out how to make a giant flower hat!

Juicy3675 said...

I want a David Tennant doll!!!!!! LOL

Marie said...

Happy Birthday Poppy! I've already said this, but I'll say it again....Fifi is Fab! (even if she is a little bytch on the sly ;P ).