Friday, 13 March 2009

All Together Now...Aaaaarrrrhhhh!!!


Yesterday, we popped up to see my friend Lisa; I haven't seen her for ages so we needed to catch up and she was going to root through her accessories and see if she had anything for my wedding outfits. But also, their cat had kittens on Tuesday and we just had to go and nosey.

We weren't sure how Minxy would react to visitors as she's so protective of her babies, so I went in and stood back for a while; but once she'd seen me and knew I wasn't going for the bubba kitties she started purring and relaxed, so I got to spend a bit of time with them! So, so, so, so cute!

Here's proud mum Minxy with her brood:

And here's the grey tabby I was desperate to sneak in my pocket:

Poor Minxy was shattered and had a little rest while the babies had tea:

Although I didn't cuddle any of the kittens (thought it was unfair as they were so young), Lisa was there at the birth and Minxy's been more than happy to let her help with the babies, so she had a little cuddle of one. Look at that face!

Alas though, all kittens are still with mum and there's none shoved in my handbag! Rob did say that if a kitten entered the house then I'd be exiting; and in a few weeks, though they'll still be cute, they'll be running up curtains and scratching furniture, so was probably a good thing! But they're just so cute - all together now:


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Julie said...

Aaaaaarrrrhhhh, even though I've got 4 cats already, I still want another one, they're just so cute.
Julie x