Monday, 2 March 2009

Now For Something A Little More Sedate...

So, after all the excitement around here over the last week or so, yesterday was a much more sedate affair. I picked the kids up in the morning (had a great big lie in til 8.50, woohoo!) then when we came back, we decided to take advantage of the mild (ish) weather and test out Emily's new big girl bike. I must say, she got the hang of it straight away:

She also had chance to wear her new bike helmet (thanks Nanna!):

Of course, Xander wanted in on the action, so Roary had to come out of the garage:

However, poor old Roary was soon abandoned when Xander spotted the cars on the motorway:

Em and I had also started some scrapbooking on Saturday. She managed to get hers finished (no photos yet as they're on her brand new shiny pink digital camera!) but I was a bit slower, so got mine finished yesterday afternoon. I've come into some rather nice scrapping stash so thought I'd use some of it for this layout of Xander's first birthday:

Right, with the theme of sedatedness (no idea if that's a word!), I'd better crack on with the studying for this week; lots and lots of reading today, can feel the eyelids drooping already!


Marie said...

Miss Emily just looks way too BIG! It's starting to frighten me how quickly she's growing - mostly because I know Miss Grace is quickly bringing up the rear!

Love the birthday layout. Great colours. I think I will be adding that to my scraplifty pile :)


Juicy3675 said...

Louise I dunno where you find the time for it all...seriously.

Lou said...

Jen - I have an agreement with Mr Tennant! He lets me borrow the tardis in exchange for info on how to get to you! ;)