Saturday, 28 March 2009

Letters From The Past

So, I'm just sat here studying away (I know how to spend a Saturday don't I?!) and the course is talking about traditional letter writing. I suddenly remembered a letter my Nan had written to me when I was in hospital after my first heart surgery. It lives in the drawer in my bedside cabinet, along with a picture of me and her (which, if I had a scanner I could blog too).

So, I dug it out and read it, I swear I could instantly hear her voice. Nan died when I was pregnant with Emily, so coming up to 8 years ago now, and yet it was just like I could pop down the road and answer the questions she was asking ('How you doing with the meals, plenty on the menu, I thought they were awful, no salt in anything it put me off they were that bland.') No Nan, I've just had heart surgery, they don't encourage salt!!

It's so easy to forget about how personal letters are; I only ever communicate by email, text or on here but I wonder if in years to come, I could still hear anyone's voice from a retrieved email?

Hmmm, what do you know, this degree thing's actually got me thinking!


Anonymous said...

only nan could encourage salt after heart surgery!!! bet there was loads in those desperate dan pies she used to make!!!

Lou said...

Nah, that wasn't salt, it was fag ash!

michele said...

HI lou! I still here my dad after 16 years! I love to look at the old photos and letter from him and my grandparents. It is through these things and our memories that keep them here with us. Isn't that one reason we scrap?
hugs mx