Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all my fellow yummy mummies out there and of course to my own mum.

I was ordered back to bed by a very bossy 7-year-old this morning so they could bring me breakfast in bed (scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, toast, orange juice and coffee, yum!). I've got 4 cards in total and a pot of baby roses to go out on the patio. At the moment, I'm enjoying the luxury of still being in bed at 10am; though will have to drag my lazy bum up soon as Emily's insisting on a Mothers Day crafting session!

This afternoon I'm taking my mum to the pictures to see The Young Victoria as a Mothers Day treat. I of course made cards for both her and Rob's mum. I've joined a weekly challenge on my UKS team mate Michele's blog and did these for last week's challenge:

For presents, I again turned to the wonderful Deanna. I just loved these when I saw them on her site and thought they'd make lovely Mothers Day presents. They're rice bags that you pop in the microwave and then use on sore muscles. Hope both mum and MIL are nice and relaxed today with these on! Deanna made her's from knee socks but I couldn't find any so made fleece ones instead. Most importantly they are decorated with felt flowers handmade by my very talented daughter!

They even have washable covers:

Anyhoo, better fly. Emily is stood demanding a crafting session right now and sometimes it's just easier to go with it!
Hope everyone has a lovely day!


Tinker said...

You are so talented! Happy Mother's Day and happy crafting :)

pinky said...

Wow, lucky Mum's is all I can say. They are brilliant. Look forward to seeing your take on this week's C4E sketch.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thankyou for my mother's day present and outing. To cap it all Lou got some shoes for Laura's wedding so a result all round!! xx