Thursday, 26 March 2009

Get Voting!

So, my little transatlantic blogging buddy Kim has requested a new Garlics scrapping challenge. So, I've been mulling it over and thought I'd leave the decision up to you lot! So, on the the left you will see a poll, you just need to vote for what kind of challenge you'd like:

1.A regular scrapping challenge (i.e. I give you colours, title or some other thing and you come up with something from that)

2. A scraplift such as this one.

3. A theme for an exploding box.

So get voting, especially you Kim! ;)


kim & co. said...

I voted, I voted! :) Thanks!

And I have an idea, inspired by one of your recent creations, for a challenge. Not sure if I should post it here or email you so it could be a surprise if you do decide to do it.

Lou said...

Oooh Kim, mail me quick!