Friday, 11 April 2008

Tribute To A Special Friend

It's a very sad time round here at the moment. Last night we got a call to say our good friend Eric had passed away yesterday afternoon. We've known Eric and his wife Ann for about 6 years; I met Ann through work and soon there was a little gang of 9 of us that would meet up for dinner and a few drinks. More recently Ann & Eric's grandaughter Olivia has become friends with Emily and we've often been round there for playdates; the last being just a month ago. They also never forget the kids' birthdays and are always on our doorstep with Xmas presents.

Eric himself was a lovely, homourous man; he would play prank calls on me, always had a hug and my glass was never empty with him around! He doted on his grandaughter and was such a lovely husband to Ann; I always knew my buddy was being well looked after by him.

We're just in shock here, it was so unexpected and we can't believe he's gone. Emily's really upset at losing her Uncle Eric, who always made her laugh when she saw him. Needless to say we're all going to miss him terribly.

So Eric, if you can get the internet in that great Jack Daniels bottle in the sky, here's to you my friend. Thank you for always being there and for being in our lives, you will be truely truely missed. Love ya.


Anonymous said...

Sorry didn't comment earlier but thought needed to say something before this became an old post!!Eric was a lovely humorous man and a loving husband to Ann and he will be sorely missed by me but more so by Lou Rob and Emily who has been very sad and upset at the loss of her "funny uncle Eric". RIP Eric you were a truly genuine person and I for one am glad that I met you. XX Carol

Lou said...

Lovely sentiments mum!