Thursday, 24 April 2008

Happy Anniversary!

OK, so it's Happy Anniversary to me and Rob, but why not eh?! Yes, it's a whole 9 years since Rob was dragged up that aisle, kicking and screaming, to make an honest woman out of me (hmmm, that one didn't quite work did it?!)

So, for those of you who were there who fancy reminiscing, and for those of you who weren't who would like to see us both before the grey hairs and wrinkles kicked in (ie, pre kids!), here's a few pics of the day!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day - such lovely memories.

Have a fantastic day today,

With much love


Anonymous said...

Have a great day

Gem n dave

Anonymous said...

How time flies!! It doesn't seem 9 years since it was chaos on the morning of the wedding with 1 bride,4 bridesmaids, a hairdresser, a make up lady, a florist, 1 cat, one bride's father pacing up and down and me!! At least the champagne came in handy. Have a lovely anniversary xxx Mum

Marie said...

Kept quiet about that this morning, you sneaky monkey!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Bobbins.

love xMx

Jaime said...

happy anniversary!!

kim & co. said...

Happy Anniversary!!!