Thursday, 10 April 2008


2 favourites here! First of all I've scraplifted my favourite layout by my scrapbooking friend Lauren. I just fell in love with what she'd done, weaving the ribbons etc and just had to have a go! I've changed a few things and also added some hidden journalling behind the picture,
but it's all Lauren's inspiration, thanks hun!!

So, for such a lovely layout, I had to pick a lovely picture. This has to be my favourite ever picture of Emily; she's only 7 months old and the expression on her face just melts my heart! We have this photo on our bedroom wall and I wake up to that gorgeous smiling face every day!


Marie said...

Gorgeous gorgeous LO. I love the ribbons and Em is just squishable in that pic.

Erm..... aren't you supposed to be writing an assignment or some other unimportant thing like that?? Eh?? Aren't you?? :P

love xMx

Anonymous said...

I too have this adorable picture on my lounge wall and although she is 6 years old I haven't the heart to take it down!! From a doting Grandma xx

Anonymous said...

I still have this one too, it was in my bedroom before I packed up to move house. It will be going back up in the new house though, Auntie Gem