Monday, 28 April 2008

Costa Cons Ritas?!

Do you know, I blame that Marie! Her and her whole family have had a really bad dose of the flu and I spent a good 10 days sending all the {{{GET WELL VIBES}}} I could over them hills to get them better. Well, I knew I should have kept a few back and it's now come to bite me in the bum!

First of all there's poor Billy Jim's chicken pox; though thankfully he seems much better today so I think we're over the worst of it. But, I've been having a lot of breathing difficulty lately and towards the end of last week it got quite painful. So, quick call the my cardiac nurse on Friday and she told me to get some ibuprofen down my neck and see my GP. So, off I trot to the docs this morning and it turns out I have something called costochondritis. Yes, my initial reaction was 'er, I've got what-itis?!' too. It's basically an inflammation of the cartlidge between my ribs and breast bone, so every time my ribcage expands to breath, it hurts.

So, I sort of guessed that I couldn't really do anything about breathing, but the doc's prescribed ibuprofen and told me not to lift any heavy objects or push the pram! Now, can anyone see a bit of a 2 stone object that may be a bit of a problem?!

So Marie, can you send some {{{get well vibes}}} back over the hills, just while this Costa bloke stops conning Rita?!

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Marie said...

I'm sending them all back over your way missus...

{{{{GET WELL VIBES}}}} coming back at ya.

EAT BISCUITS! That's an order.