Friday, 4 April 2008

Have You Ever Tried...

... to get 2 18 month olds to look in the same direction at once? Believe me, it ain't easy!!

Today, we've been over them there hills to see this young lady...... my little crafty guru Marie, and her 2 cuter than cute munchkins, Gracie and Ewan. We had a lovely day: the girls got their arguing down to 50% of the time, Marie made us delicious home made pizza, and the boys both napped at the same time so I had time to catch up with Marie and raid her stash (crafting stash, for those who were wondering!).

Post naps, the girls were playing upstairs and so I thought I'd get my camera out and get a few pics of the boys. Hmmm easier said than done! No matter how hard I tried, I could not get them looking in the same direction at the same time; I swear these kids have a sixth sense. Anyway between the pics I think I have at least one of them looking at the camera on each one, so maybe a bit of cut and paste is in order!

Eh Xan, your mother's got that camera out again! Pretend you haven't seen.She's not still there is she?

Oooh, look at this speck on the floor, it's really interesting! She'll never catch me out Billy!

Look at the camera? I'd rather let the cat chew my arm off!

Awww, thanks for your help Xander, she didn't get one snap of me with that camera...Doh!

1 comment:

Marie said...

It was lovely to see you all missus.

Great pics of the boys :P

I haven't uploaded the couple I took yet due to the whiney be-achy eared Miss Grace being a moo.

I'll try to get them up on the cookie later.

love xMx