Saturday, 26 April 2008

The Pox!!

Our poor little boy has come down with the pox of the poultry variety! There's been a bit of an epidemic round here so I suppose it was inevitable that he'd get them. Luckily, he only seems to have a mild dose and isn't covered from head to toe like Emily was (how exactly do you put calamine lotion inside eyelids?!), but is still a bit cranky. So, lots of {{{ANTI ITCHY VIBES}}} for Billy Jim please!
In other news, thanks to my sis Zo for the offer of the books, but it seems it's a bit of a dead duck. The course has an exam at the end...which is on the same day as Gemma and Dave's wedding! As I'd probably find it hard to get to the exam from Antigua, and they won't allow me to sit it at another time, I'm now on the lookout for another course! What were the chances eh?!

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