Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Iggle Piggle!

May I introduce Xander's new best friend, Iggle Piggle! For anyone who has persons of the under 3 variety in the house, you will be all too familiar with Iggle and his friends Makka Pakka and Upsy Daisy. For the rest of you, think Telletubbies for the new generation (i.e: can't understand a blinking word they say but the kids are transfixed by them!). Anyway, Xander loves Iggle Piggle more than anything else on earth! He can't hear you when Iggle's on telly (or is that just part of being a bloke?!) and he has to cuddle his Iggle Piggle at night....I've also done some more scrapbooking. After a trip over the hills the other week, I got to see this up close in real life and was mightily impressed. So, I decided to pull my finger out and get round to adding more to my Xmas scrapbook (4 months after the event!).I've been wanting to do this eyelet/beading combo for a while now so off I popped to buy an eyelet setter and away I went...I'm still having trouble with the whole scrapping in 8x8 rather than 12x12, but I'm getting there! Next on the agenda, Christmas trees!!

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Jaime said...

awww... that pic of him is too cute!