Sunday, 4 April 2010

A Very Woolly Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

As with most occassions lately, Easter can only mean one thing - the excuse to knit! For a few weeks now I've been knitting these little guys courtesy of a Jean Greenhowe pattern I saw on

Aren't they cute? They all have a Cadbury's Creme Egg up their bum!
I put some of them in these:

They're little cardboard nests that came in Nestle Easter eggs last year and so I saved them as they just screamed 'craft project' at me!
For others, I put my Craft Robo to use and made some little gift bags out of spring paper:

My kids didn't get these, they went to friends' kids etc, as mine got super-dooper big knitting projects instead of Easter eggs (more on that below). For Em, I knitted her a horse to resemble the one she rides every Saturday, Dolly. To make her more personalised for Em, Dolly has a mongrammed saddle with Emily's initials:

And for Xander, I went back to the fabulous Zoe Halstead book I bought last year and thought I'd give this cowboy a go. Was a new challenge as I'd never knit fair isle before (for the checks on his shirt) but I loved doing it!

Cowboy hasn't been named yet, he's just cowboy...just like pirate's called pirate, puppy's called puppy, hedgehog's called hedgehog...the boy's nothing if he ain't logical!
So, why no traditional Easter eggs from us to our munchkins? Well, my kids are very fortunate in that a lot of people buy them Easter eggs, so for us to add to the chocolate mountain seems a bit silly, so we always do an alternative pressie. Fortunately the chocolate has a good shelflife but the packaging was starting to take over the mantelpiece! So, we've placed all our eggs in one basket and we now have a lovely Easter decoration (OK, so it won't look that pretty for long once, I mean the kids, have started tucking in, but it's nice for Easter Sunday!):

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend. I am now going to fly as there's a lovely smell of roast lamb wafting up the stairs and a bottle of Bank Holiday wine just begging to be opened!


Juicy3675 said...

I LOVE THE HORSE!!!!!!! I think I've got that Zoe bird's book too.. I have one by some woman called Tracy something and my Mum has about a million Jean Greenhowe small world!! Yours are much better than mine and I been at it years, I get bored halfway through usually.. lots of half finished projects, just finished a pig and a gorgeous elephant for Simon's lil boy's birthday, him being such a hippy they prefer "eco presents".. home made stuff as opposed to plastic.. damn tree huggers lol. I'll have to take some pics.. of course now I know you do it too I'll put an order in next time ;)

Uma said...