Sunday, 18 April 2010

A Space Of His (& Our) Own

There comes a time, after over 8 years of parenting, where you do feel the need to scream if you see another toy! Now, although we'll have a housefull of toys for a good few years yet, it would be nice to sit down once the kids are in bed with a nice glass of wine and not be faced with carparks, lego and bits of train track while you're trying to watch Jack Bauer stop the terrorists blowing up the world!

Also, Xander's started showing a keen interest in playing upstairs but, as he's cursed with the 'youngest child/box room' curse, he tends to venture into Emily's room and wreck that, which causes no end in arguments!

So, we came up with a plan and made a little investment in a new bed for Xander. He loves the fact that Emily has to climb a ladder to bed, so thought we'd get him one of his own:

He loves it up there (and it's a super comfy mattress, am a tad jealous!). Although I'm not sure about his constant need to rearrange his pictures on his wall:

But what's better than a super comfy bed and sleeping up in the sky? A little hidey hole under it for you to play:

Where mummy can stow the carpark that disturbs so many of Jack's world-saving attempts:

Oooh, and cool little storage units for all those bits and bobs that were cluttering up the living room floor:

So, next time you're round try sitting on my sofa and not spying a toy. If you twist your head and squint a bit it's now almost possible! :P


Tara said...

THAT is awesome!

Rach said...

Awwwww that is so cool - I'm jealous!!!!

Marie said...

Tell Mr Billy Jim that Auntie Marie is coming round to borrow his bed! That's looks COOL! I sooo want one!