Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Watch The Birdie!

You know when you get that first day of the year when, not only is the sun out, but your face starts to feel a tad toasty in it? Love that! Well, we've had a couple of those days in recently. The first one was Saturday but will blog that later (just waiting for the pics to surface), the second was yesterday.

We went up to Harewood House with my friend Susan and her daughter Predine. I've never actually been to Harewood before even though I live so close so was lovely to go up there. The day started off chilly, but by the time the kids had had a play and it was time for our picnic, the sun had begun to break through and was feeling rather warm! Hurray!

So, what do you need the second the sun makes an appearance? Icecream!!!

After the kids were full of picnic food and the swirly white stuff, we went for a wander round the bird garden. What fabulous birds they had in there too! From big grumpy raven-type birds:

To beautifully coloured birds:

They even had a baby flamingo (which are apparently quite rare, it's the first one born there in 20 years), just love his little fluffy head!

Of course, being good parents that we are, we made sure the girls learnt some facts too!

But I think this guy was all our favourites. There was no sign to say what he was but he kept us amused for a long time!

I kind of liked this fella, look at the attitude!

Oh and, one of the best parts of Spring: cute little fluffy baby ducklings!

Emily had such a fabulous time with Predine!

And Xander got to see his favourite friends, the penguins!

Thanks Susan and Predine (and the birdies!) for a wonderful day!


Uma said...

wow, Harewood house wasn't that exciting when I went! Xander looks cute with the penguin :)

Susan U-S said...

I'm really pleased you enjoyed it so much. We had a fabulous time too! Very impressed by the pics! Sxx