Wednesday, 7 April 2010

More Charity - Can You Help?

Seem to be posting a lot about charity lately; must be the year for giving!

Some of you may remember this post from a couple of years ago (didn't realise how long ago it was actually til I went searching for it!). I'm involved with a charity called Action Aid who help children in underdeveloped countries. I've sponsored Venald over in Haiti through them for about 5 or 6 years now and every now and then, they call me up and ask if I can help them find more sponsors. Last time mum very kindly sponsored Zintle. This time, they've asked me to help find a sponsor for Maxwel from Ghana:

As you can imagine, things are a huge struggle in Ghana, especially with the HIV/AIDS epidemic over there and Action Aid try and help children like this by providing an education so that they can work towards improving their prospects in the future. They also help with basic needs like clean water (if not, the nearest water supply is 18 miles away!).
A bit more about Maxwel: he is 9 years old and is an only child. They live in a mud hut in Piina which is in the North West of Ghana. They have a small plot of land but are finding it difficult to feed themselves from it so the chances of earning money from what they grow is zero.
If you would like to sponsor Maxwel, then please either post in the comments or email me. I can highly recommend it; twice a year the child writes to you and sends you pictures and it all makes it very satifying to see them developing!
Thanks for reading.

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