Friday, 16 April 2010

Sniff, Blub!

Big day for Little Miss Emily today: she's gone off on her first weekend away wihout us. Well, I say without us, she's been away with grandparents before, but never off on her own thing with her friends. But the day had to come and at tea-time, we packed her off to Brownie Camp. There was a lot of kicking, screaming, crying, stamping of feet; but in the end she said "Mum, I've got to go, will you get a grip?!".

Like I say, she's got her friends there. Anna's mum took them so she had a friend to travel up there with:

I'm sure she'll have great fun, especially as the packing list that Brown Owl sent home included cake and sweets as necessary items!
Tomorrow night, they're having a party night with a Cops & Robbers theme. Now, what do you think my daughter picked, goody or baddie? Yup, you guessed it:

So, another what's seeming like all too frequent chapter in 'oh how fast they grow'. Hope she's having fun and this mummy here can make it through the next 48 hours!

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Carol Martin said...

tell me you didn't knit a jacket last night for the mut!! brilliant xx