Friday, 30 April 2010

Dolly Love

Just had to share these pics that my MIL just emailed me. She went along with Rob last week to see Emily horseriding and, as it was the first time she'd seen her ride, she took her camera along.

Em's doing so well with her riding and definately has a knack for all things equestrian:

This is the horse that she rides, Dolly:

Emily LOVES Dolly! Absolutely worships her! It's kind of a good thing as we've been sat nervously waiting for the 'I want a pony' moment, but as she loves Dolly so much and knows she's not for sale, we think we're safe for now! I mean, have you seen how much ponies cost? It ain't like buying a goldfish let me tell you!

But we're so glad she loves horseriding and Dolly is a lovely pony. I even go up and pet her and I've never been a horse lover, but I must admit there's something very charming about Dolly. Just glad that I'm not covering those feeding and vets bills!

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