Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Cool Pics!

I always forget about pictures that I take on my phone. They tend to be the most impromptu pictures as well as it's those occassions when you're out and about and spot something. But finally today I got to downloading them so here's my faves from the past few weeks.

Emily and her friend Shiwone at the park:

Xander on a walk to school:

Emily and the Viking boat her class made at school last week:

A cool pic of Em looking at a whole display of swords etc at the Royal Armouries yesterday. The display takes up all 4 floors but they have this great hexagonal mirror on the ground floor so you can see the whole thing in one go:

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Juicy3675 said...

I get some of my best stuff on my phone.. including lots of videos of the kids doing stupid stuff but you know that.. you read my blog too!! LOL x