Friday, 28 May 2010

Bachelor Of Wizardry

I got my official graduation picture through the other day. Not a bad pic actually, much better than my 1994 one!

Xander looked at it and said "Mummy, you are a wizard!". I like that, Louise Gillard - Bachelor of Wizardry!


Anonymous said...

post the 1994 one!!!!! that is one great hairstyle on it - is it stiil up in mum and dads living room?

post it, post it, post it

Lou said...

Couldn't even tell you where it was, it's long since been stashed in the bottom of a huge box in the loft where hopefully no-one will ever find it!

Anonymous said...

Bet I can provide a copy. However won't come cheap, have a holiday to pay for!!!

kim said...

That is a good picture, but I want to see the '94 one as well! I graduated that same year :) And all I can say is that one was a big improvement on my 8th grade graduation hair style--so scary!!!

Juicy3675 said...

I wanna see the dodgy hairdooo!!!! lol

congrats Lou, you look most grown up and edjumacated.. xx