Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Swot! The Official Bit

Thought I'd blog this is 2 bits as it was a pretty big day!

On Saturday I finally had my graduation from uni. It was a very exciting and proud day and I'd really been looking forward to it. We headed up to Harrogate for the big ceremony. Once there I got all gowned up in my official robes:

I managed to get 4 tickets which allowed me to take this little lady:

And Rob, who like me looked scarily grown up:

I was also really proud that I got to take my parents:

I was very nervous, especially as I had to sit seperately from my guests for a long time before the ceremony. Luckily the girl sat next to me was lovely and we had a good chat about our degrees before the ceremony began. It was a really good ceremony, all quite relaxed and I got to graduate with Kay Mellor!
So, my big moment came and I walked across the stage to shake the Pro Chancellors hand (though I almost missed him as was too busy smiling at Kay Mellor) and that was it. I looked forward to seeing the pic of that bit but unfortunately I left Rob in charge of the camera. Hey, I suppose I should think myself lucky he actually got me on the pic:

And that was the official bit done. We headed home for the big party. Watch tomorrow's blog post for all the deatils!


Juicy3675 said...

Look at the smiles on your Mum and Dad's faces!!! Aw thats lovely Lou.. they're so proud of you, we all are!!! Well done you and congrats again xx

ps. LOVE Rob's classic photo taking!! ;)

Anonymous said...

You are so right!! Dad and I are so proud!! Glad it showed on the pics as we were so nervous for Lou. xx

Uma said...

well done, you look fabulous and very studious

kim said...

Congratulations! You've worked so hard for that!!!!!