Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Modernisation Is Good!

There are certain times in life where clinging to old traditions flies out the window and we must embrace modernisation!
For example, here's Em in her Brownie uniform:
Looks quite trendy me thinks. Unlike 28 years ago when the Girl Guiding Association made little girls go out in public dressed like this:

I ask you! It was so old fashioned, that go back another 25 years and a certain little girl's mother wore almost the exact same uniform:

In fact, she had better head gear and trendier socks than the 1980s version!
So here's to modernisation and not making our children go through the humiliation we had to!


Juicy3675 said...

Oh my God!!! I remember you in that Brownie uniform.. LOVE the hat ;)

Think I lasted about 3 weeks at Brownies before I realised I just couldn't cope with all that brown..

that's made my day that, I'm laughing so much I'm crying! I wonder what the Brownies in 2030 will look like..

kim said...

I think you need to scrap the three generations in the Brownie uniforms! That is so fun!

Uma said...
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Uma said...

your brownie uniform looks orange! I loved my brownie uniform - I joined guides just as they modernised so I got some lovely navy blue culottes

hazgizz said...

I had a uniform like that with a beret! We used to play who could fling it the furthest like a frizbee lol