Saturday, 13 March 2010

Charity Update

First of all, we've had excellent news this week. Remember the little boy I sponsor in Haiti? Well we got a letter to say he's alive and safe! Yay! So relieved he's OK.

My little charity giving daughter adopted her panda. It's a giant female panda in China called Zhu Xiong (nope, I've no idea how to pronounce it either!). We got it through the WWF and I'd definately recommend it for introducing kids to charity as they get a picture and cuddly toy of their chosen animal, plus updates 3 times a year. Emily's panda is currently at the post office as I missed the postman by 30 seconds, but will post a pic of Zhu once we get it!

Finally, my sister has asked me to post on her behalf. She's doing something called the Ribbon Walk in June in aid of Breast Cancer Care. If you are able to sponsor her, then please go here. Good luck our kid!

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