Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Is That Spring I Spy?

Hands up who thought that not only was winter never going to end, but that we'd actually entered a new Ice Age?! After the worst winter in donkeys, I think most of us had forgotten what sunshine actually looked like! However, it's been really rather pleasant weatherwise the past couple of weeks and it looks like Spring (my favourite season, yay!) may just be around the corner.

Cindy has taken to her 'reclining in the sun' spot on the windowsill:

We finally have a lone crocus in the graden. OK, so it looks a bit sad all on it's own but I can see others on the way:
For the past few days, both the washing and the kids have been chucked out in the garden (think Em may have got a bit too excited by the sun with the shorts though, not quite yet Em!):

And, joy of joys, it's actually light enough and above sub-zero for long enough to get in the craft room and do some scrapping:

After a bit of a scrapping drought, I ran off this springy-coloured layout in an hour:

Of course, it helps to have a lovely subject to scrap, my wonderful Grandad!
Here's hoping that, in true UK style, we haven't peaked already and are resigned to a Spring of grey clouds!


kim said...

We're getting springy weather, too, and I LOVE it! Yay for some scrapping as well--I need to get back into my stash.

Marie said...

I am loving that spring is finally sprung!

Gorgeous LO missus. You've gotta love such a dapper young man in a bowtie :)


Anonymous said...

That dapper young man in the bow tie is my DAD.Handsome is as handsome does. xx

Terrena said...

Fab LO Lou!

Your cat looks exactly the same as mine!

I love spring too <3

T xx