Saturday, 6 March 2010

8 Days After 8!

OK, so I don't think I've ever gone 2 whole weeks without blogging before! Lots going on round here but normal blogging service has now been resumed and I am here to bore you stupid on a regular basis yet again!

I can't believe it's taken me 8 days to blog about Em's birthday - usually I'm on here on the day - but better late than never. Yes, my little baby girl turned 8 last week...yes, that's 8! On the day we went out for tea with both Emily's grndmothers and both her aunties: Xander was a little star and loved having Gwandma, Nanna, Auntie Gemma and Auntie Zoe there:

It was a really nice night, though Rob and I were both out of the restaurant when they all sang happy birthday to her, typical:

Emily got her fave cd of the moment, Alexandra Burke, so we've had a lot of dancing:
Last Saturday she went to the pictures with a few girls from school:

And then on to Maccy D's for lunch:

Then afterwards we had a couple of friends over:

On Sunday I took her out to spend her birthday money. The usual 5 hours queuing up in Build-A-Bear (though have to admit, I LOVE that shop!) and she bought a game for her DS. Then I think I had the proudest mummy moment ever: she said "Mummy, I've decided that I want to give some of my birthday money to charity!". OMG, how unbelievably proud of her were we? It's a cliche but kids have it too good these days, and it's so nice that she can see past the DS and Wii and realise just how fortunate she is. So, she's going to adopt a panda from WWF, she said she'd thought of horses but she can see them every week and check they're OK whereas she worries about animals she can't see. Bless her!

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