Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Waiting For Torville & Dean!

So, at last yesterday I got back to work. Managed one whole full day last week in between all the closures, Monday was closed due to heavy snow (which I found out half way there yet again, another 3 hours sat in the car going nowhere!), but yesterday the thaw started and it looked like we were going to manage a good 2 days running at work.


What none of us expected was to wake up to this this morning:

Pure solid ice! Not a bit of frost but great big blooming sheets of the stuff! Now, I've not been bothered about driving in the snow, never have been, but this stuff sat glinting at the end of my drive scared me this morning. Snow you can grip on, smooth icy stuff you can't!
Anyway, I set off with Xander in the car listening to the radio as they reported more and more accidents, more roads closed, even the major routes were covered in the stuff. No grit to be seen so it was just a skating rink out there. Half way there guess what? Yup, they shut my school! So, turns around, goes and gets Xander (who thinks slipping and falling on your bum is hilarious!) and back home. The car isn't up the drive, there was no way, I left it on a clearer road and walked up. Besides, surely Torville and Dean will need the road free of cars for their Bolero performance!

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