Saturday, 23 January 2010

Life's Little Miracles

So, we're back in our usual daily routine now. I go to work, finish work, pick the kids up, come home and then spend an hour or two with:

"Mum, Xander smacked me!"
"Mario Kart! Oh but muuuuuuuum, want Mario!"
"Mum, he pushed me!"
"Mum, I want MY prgrammes on!"

...and so it goes on, usually leading me to think by teatime that I must have been crackers to think that two children were a good idea!

Anyhoo, the other day I was making tea and noticed something was quiet...very quiet. 'Oh my god they've finally killed each other' me thinks. So, I sneak into the living room and what do I find...
All snuggled up watching a programme they BOTH like:

A nice little marathon of Horrible Histories was keeping them both perplexed (nothing like a good plague to keep your kids entertained!). I tell you, I'm off to buy the box set, peace and quiet for hours!
They even started on kissing competitions to see who loved who the most:

Needless to say tea was late due to mummy needing a lie down!

Been a funny old week in parenthood land. I've been noticing more and more how utterly grown up Emily is becoming. She's always had an old head on her shoulders but now that head is starting to look much older too. When I look at her I can now see teenage Emily (god, that's a scary couple of words!) rather than baby-faced Emily. She's certainly more a little lady now than a little girl.

I took a picture of her the other day to get a photo of her in her Brownie uniform, but look at the grown up staring back at me!

I tell you, what with Xander starting school and my big grown up girl, I'm starting to feel positively ancient!


Uma said...

very cute - don't go looking for teenage children you never know what you are going to get!

kim said...

She does look grown up! I think its been 3-4 years since I first started seeing her pics on BW and I can't beleive how old she's gotten!

Love the sweet times. I'm always a little suspicious when it gets quiet as well, but what a fun sight!

Anonymous said...

If this makes you feel ancient, give a thought for your poor Mum!!! I know I get my buss pass this year but beng grandma to a potential teenager aged 8!!!! Suppose makes life interesting!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Since when did bus have 2 ss? And being became beng! Am def losing it!!!