Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Me & My Big Mouth!

I was looking back over my JYC journal last night and found this entry from 2nd Jan. The prompt was to write about the weather in December. I wrote:

Winter Wonderland?
Although last year we had a great snow day, that was a rarity. The chances of snow in December aren't great so we make do with a forecast like today's...5C, Chance of drizzle.

Hmmm...On 17th December the snow started and hasn't stopped since! Today I set off to work at 7.30am. I got a mile up the road after an hour when they announced my school was closed; I couldn't turn round, even the main roads were a few inches deep so that was impossible, so did a loop round back home. I got back at 10.10am after driving a grand total of 3 miles and walking for 1! That's 2 hours 40 mins of my life I'll never get back. So we're all sat at home (kids's school is shut, Rob's boss rang this morning and told him not to bother!) watching it still coming down!

So, today's entry...

Lottery Win?
The chances of that happening are pretty remote...:P

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Juicy3675 said...

At least you're all sat at home in the warm.. my lot had to go to school this morning and I had to take them.. AND I have to go pick them up in a bit too!! Poor things we're gutted bless em. x