Friday, 8 January 2010

I A Big Boy Now ***SNIFF***

I've no idea how it happened - surely I only gave birth to him a couple of weeks ago - but today my baby had his first day at school! From now on, Xander will spend every afternoon at Emily's school in Foundation One.

It was a bit touch and go as to whether he'd get to go. With the arctic conditions we're having, the school had been closed half the week so we had to check school closures this morning, but luckily school was wide open so we got to go!

Xander was besides himself with excitement before we set off:

30 minutes later we'd actually got enough layers on to venture out on a polar expedition up to school (:P). For Xander it was just the best way to add to his excitement: a walk in the snow! Fortunately I convinced him to avoid the snow drifts and so trousers were still dry when we got there:

The obligatory pose outside the school:

And then inside to do the first of his school routine. I'm an old hat at this, what with Emily going there and me dropping off a friend's child for quite a while. First we have to find our name card (which Xan did with no help, yay!) and answer the question of the day which was 'Is It Wednesday?'' to which Xander answered 'Yes'. Er, OK, baby steps! Then it's off to find the milk tag, find the milk, put tag on milk, drink some milk then put milk in designated area for thirsty moments later:

After a bit of a chat to his new teachers (all of which he told 'I a big boy now'!) it was time for register. Awww, my boy's first ever register, was quite a moment!
Once register was done he got to go 'get busy' and chose the playdough to make some 'sharp stars':

I think it was about at this moment that I realised that Xander didn't even know I was still there, so the whole 'do you want to stay a bit to check he's alright' was totally unnecessary, so I decided to leave the boy to it (after managing to disrupt him for 2 seconds for a kiss!) and went home. 2 hours later I went back to pick him up and he'd loved it. That was a very weird feeling though, going to school and picking not 1 but 2 of my children up!
So, as Xan says 'He a big boy now' and so starts another stage in his life. As for me, felt a tad redundant when I got home...that was until I realsied just how quiet it was, then I soon got over it! :P


Juicy3675 said...

awwwwwwww.. don't worry Lou.. the hardest part is trying to think of a good & legitimate reason for avoiding the ironing now that you can't use "Xander's run rings round me today Rob, I just haven't had time to do a thing!!" anymore..

It's hard work.. lol x

Ladkyis said...

Well done you! I think we sometimes forget that we have worked darned hard to get our children to the point where they are secure enough to venture into the world of school. Be proud of yourself and take five minutes of that silence as special time for yourself

YorkshireKaren said...

Bless you, I've been through it all a long time ago, yet can still remember how it felt!
Polly started "Big School" in September, the day after Nick left home to join the RAF, so all I can say is just try and enjoy the bits of "me time" it gives you x