Monday, 4 January 2010

Thoughts On January

Let's start January again shall we?!

The other day the JYC prompt was quite an interesting one: what does January mean to you? Not resolutions or anything like that (as mentioned last year, I don't go in for those anymore) but what are your feelings about the start of a new year?

I used to hate January, so depressing after Christmas. However, in the last few years I've begun to really like the beginning of the year. I think it's with Em's birthday being in February, we start planning parties and presents now and that's all very exciting. We also go away quite often around Em's birthday so we have a holiday to look forward to.

January's also the month where I get the house sorted. The decs are now down so it's time for a good clean and to get all those little jobs done that need doing (you listening Rob?!). Little things like getting a new bookcase for Xander to put all his lovely new shiny books and games on give me a lot of pleasure (yup, weird I know!).

I also love thinking about crafty projects. The end of the year is swamped with Xmas projects so it's nice in the new year to sit back and decide on what projects I want to do this year.

I also love writing out the new calendar and seeing what's coming up this year. It's certainly going to be a busy year: we have mum's 60th, Grandad's 90th, my parents' 40th anniversary, my graduation, Emily's first Brownie camp and Xander starting school to look forward to! Going to be exhausted!

Finally, January is a time to chill. Christmas is always manic and I don't stop for the whole of November and December at least! In January I get chance to read books, watch films and have a bit of chill time. It doesn't last long but at least there's a couple of weeks every year where I get chance!

Hope everyone else is having a happy January!

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