Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It's A Fair Cop Guv!

Don't be fooled by this 'butter wouldn't melt' face:

Inside there lies a hardened criminal! Don't believe me? Look, I have photographic evidence:

Last night, the police came round to fingerprint my daughter! Look how blooming brazen she is about her life of crime:

The proof. Get this pic downloaded, it may help your defense after your next encounter with Emily:

LOL, as much trouble as the little munchkin is, she's not quite up to being in bother with the law. In fact, we were all fingerprinted last night. They need to eliminate our prints from the evidence in our burglary case so the lovely CID man came round and did them, plus gave us an update on our case. Obviously can't actually blog those updates, but things are moving along.

None of us have ever been fingerprinted before and it did feel a bit like we were in bother! All apart from Emily who was allowed to do a spare set of fingerprints to take into school today, no doubt to get recruits for her next crime spree!

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