Sunday, 10 January 2010

A Very Wooly Christmas!

Finally, I can share all the knitting I've been doing since September. I got a fabulous book by Zoe Halstead that had some great toys in so thought I'd put my new found love of knitting to the test and give some a go!

First up, for my favourite girl in the whole world, a Cinderella Upside Down doll. She goes from Cinders:
To Cinderella:

Next up, a pirate for my fave little man:

Then, a ballerina doll for my niece who has just started dancing classes:

A fairy doll for a special little girl that has moved many miles away:

Complete with wings:

And finally a sparkly unicorn for my best mini mate:

So 3 months later was it worth the sore finger tips? I think so:


hazgizz said...

OMG they are fantstic. What do you stuff them with ?

Lou said...

Just normal toy stuffing. makes them very cuddly!

Kirsty said...

You clever thing they are fab x

kim & co. said...

Lou, those are so amazing! I love the upside down doll--what a fun idea! Hmmm, maybe I need to pick up a new skill this year. . .

Uma said...

so clever! fab upside down doll.

Anonymous said...

ballerina doll for your niece????? did i have a kid when i wasnt paying attention?