Saturday, 2 January 2010

How Dare They?

We were burgled last night. :(

Some cheap arsed scroat broke down our door, walked into the house we worked so hard for, stole my 8 year old daughter's laptop, my camera with all the pictures of my kids at Christmas, my children's Christmas money (£38, please) and my phone which means I now have to spend all weekend trying to find other ways to get in touch with all my contacts.

And what's worse, they not only took the car that I rely on to get to work and get my kids to school, that is worth nothing to anyone but I love as I've had it for years; they took Rob's car, which he bought 4 weeks ago. Rob's nearly 40 and has never had anything but old bangers; he finally decides to treat himself to something nice (not swish, not a top brand, just a proper bloke's car) and some tw*t takes 30 seconds to take his prized posession he's worked so hard for.

Worst of all my daughter is now scared stupid that the bad men are going to come back in the middle of the night and will probably not sleep for weeks.

How dare they? What gives anyone the right to do this? I know things are tough (hey, I work with kids who have it the toughest)but they're hard for us all and no-one has the right to take other people's things they've worked so hard for.

Happy new year eh?


pinky said...

Thats bloody awful, I can understand your anger and unfortunately there will be nothing done to help take that anger and frustration away!!! What a terrible start to the new year for you and your family. I only hope your little girl recovers from this experience.

Rach said...

Lou, when I first read your FB status update, I was fuming for you guys. The utter shits that do this - I hope they rot, I really do.

I completely agree - how dare they - if only they put as much effort into finding a job as they do in taking what isn't theirs.

I know how crap I felt after our attempted break-ins, so I can imagine how you're feeling right now. Huge {{{HUGS}}} to you all, especially to Em, poor little hun :( xxxxx

Jaime said...

Lou that's just horrible!! Hope the jerks are caught & locked up for a long time.

((((HUGS))) to you & Emily. Hope she's sleeping okay tonight.

kim & co. said...

Aw, Lou, I'm so sorry. What an awful way to start out the year. I remember being terrified when our house was broken into around the same age that Emily is. The police officer reassured us that we actually had less of a chance of getting hit again since someone just had--apparently a lot of theives keep track of that, or maybe he was just trying to help us feel better, but it worked and I was able to sleep in my own room after a couple nights.

Tara said...

Still so angry.

Clair said...

Oh Lou! I am so, so sorry to hear that you've had such an awful New Year. Please be careful about replacing your possessions - and make sure that you now get an alarm. Unfortunately, my sister was burgled twice in a row - probably because the theives knew she would replace everything. (I hate to be a scare-monger, but I would hate even more for you to get hit twice.)

Here's hoping that 2010 will rapidly improve. Lots of love x