Thursday, 14 January 2010

JYC Complete!

Before I post, I just want to ask if anyone can spare anything to go to the Haiti Earthquake Appeal. As some of you know, I sponsor a boy in Haiti and we are so worried that he and his family are OK. If they are, they will have lost everything so if anyone can help them, then please donate. Venald and his family live in a tin hut and his dad earns £15 a month so I think even a small donation would be a fortune to them!

Thank you!

So, finally I have completed the JYC journal! Got a little behind but, a few snow days from school have helped me to catch up. And do you know what? I actually really like it! Not often I scrap and am pleased with what I've done (seems to be a crafter's thing, we're all so critical of our own work!).

It's 37 pages long so I ain't posting all those pics so below is a Slideshow. Here are the pics of the cover:

And I just love how full it looks:
And finally, the pages!


Marie said...

JYC looks fab hun. I've very jealous you've managed to finish. It'll be time for JYC 2010 before I get mine done at this rate!

Well done missus.

Uma said...

brilliant, well done you. must have took ages but well worth the effort

YorkshireKaren said...

Lou your journal looks fabulous, well done for completing it. I'm sure it will be a valuable family treasure in years to come. Make sure you force me to do one next year!!