Friday, 6 July 2007

Top Of The Class!

We got Emily's school report today, and it was brilliant! She's come such a long way in under a year and we're so proud of her. Her teachers had some lovely comments and she's developing so well in every area. The report's too extensive to write it all down, but the teachers' personal comment was this, which I thought was lovely!

"Emily has been a pleasure to teach and we will miss her bubbly personality next year. She has made good progress due to her determination and hard work. Keep trying and smiling Emily!"

Can't believe that our baby is moving up a school year already. She'll be packing her bags for uni next!!

Well, the decorating is still going on! Spent all day getting 2 coats on, which I presumed would be enough, but there's still those annoying little 'shadows' in certain light, so Rob is up a ladder as we speak putting on a 3rd coat! Good job I bought a giant tub of paint!


Rach said...

Awwwww sending huge hugs to Emily from a very proud Auntie Rach xxxxx

Auntie Gemma said...


It is obviously time to pass on the baton of brains of the family to my niece