Thursday, 5 July 2007

Climb Every Mountain!

Severe lack of blogging this week! Not being lazy, just had a very dull life for the past few days!

Anyway, here is Xander's latest trick, he's started to move vertically! He did it the other day but it's taken me a while to get a pic to post as everytime he hears the camera being switched on, he stops what he's doing to smile! But, I sneaked up this morning as he went for a nosey out the front window! So, everything that was moved from Xander level to the windowsill is now being moved to higher ground!

We also went swimming today. So sick of being stuck in with this weather that I decided to take him out and so the local pool it was (because I've not got wet enough this week!!). Anyway, as usual he loved it and then got really excited when they got those floaty foam things out, think we have a future surfer on our hands (or mountaineer!)!

On Tuesday, Emily went for a hot date to the pictures with Cameron to see Shrek 3. Of course, they were chaperoned by myself and Cam's mum and dad (we didn't want to see the film, honest!). Anyway, Cameron spent the film with his arm round Emily's shoulder and they laughed most of the way through the film. Young love eh?

So, I've decided that I'm fed up of looking at these 4 walls so I've decided to change them! Been wanting to get rid of this colour in our living room since the day we painted it so I've been to B&Q, bought some paint, and Emily has been helping take down all the pictures etc this afternoon. The plan is that I'm going to do it tomorrow as Xander's out with Grandma in the afternoon.

Anyway, better toodle, have furniture to move for my big Changing Rooms moment tomorrow!

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Marie said...

OMG!!! Look at Billy Jim on the go!! He looks so BIG!

Makes me glad that Ewan's too much of a lazy moo to go mountaineering :)

Hope the painting goes okay hun.