Thursday, 19 July 2007

Muffin Madness!

So far this week, I've made a total of 48 muffins!! It started out as having some over ripe bananas and the only banana recipe I know is Banana & Choc Muffins. Then I decided that I needed to make a tonne of muffins and cupcakes for Xander's birthday, so decided to try some recipes from the cupcake queen herself, Marie!

So, as Emily finishes reception class tomorrow and I suddenly realised that you needed to give presents to the teachers, off I trotted to Morrisons to spend a fortune on baking stuff. May aswell practise on her old teachers, if they go wrong I'll never see them again! LOL!

Anyway, today's muffins were Raspberry & Vanilla and M&M cupcakes. Yum! I've tried one of the raspberry ones (not as good as Marie's but I'm still learning!) and Rob and Emily have both given me the thumbs up for the M&M ones! So, next on the list? Carrot, Orange and Cinnamon. Anyone drooling yet?!


Marie said...

Yup. Drooling over here! Those M&M ones look really chocolatey. Yum Yum. The raspberry ones are definitley better with the extra baking powder too. Must remember to change my recipe for next time.

I'm going to have Rob sending your credit card bills to me if you carry on ;)

love M

Stef said...

You domestic godess you!!!!