Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Titter Ye Not!

So, my boy turned 10 months old today so I've been reflecting on how much he's changed recently. The second tooth came through a couple of days ago, he stood on his own for the first time yesterday, and he has an obsession with the apples in the fruit bowl! The most noticable thing though is how vocal he's becoming! No actual words yet but he does a very good Frankie Howard impression several times a day! Titter ye not!! A career in Carry On Films? Er, let's hope not! But for now, it's very amusing!!

Anyway, aswell as a picture of good old Frankie, here's his 10 month pic! (Xander's, not Frankie's!)


RachelC said...

What a great pic Lou! Happy 10 months =)

Marie said...

Happy 10 month B'day Billy Jim! I can't believe he's standing on his own Lou! Bless him. He'll be off before you know it. love M