Wednesday, 11 July 2007

But Gillard, You Don't Have A Dog To Eat Your Homework!!

Well, it's now official. As of October I'm going to be a student again! I've spent most of this week filling out forms, applying for grants, trying to arrange childcare, and all the other lovely things that go along with becoming a 'mature' student.
As I got full cradit for my HND, I only have to do year 3 of the degree, which I'm starting next February with 'English grammar in context' (Hey, you may even get posts that make sense after that!). But, I'm going to do a basic short course before then, just to get me back into studyiong again (well, it has been 13 years!). So, I've officially applied for 'Writing Essays' just to get me back into it all.

The degree course is more complicated as I have to apply for grants etc first. I don't get much, not even to cover the course fees, but at least I get something. I got all excited about getting a student loan to see me through the next couple of years but have just found out they don't give them to part time students! Hmmmppphhh!!! But, there has been that announcement this week about upping student grants next year and once i start the teacher training, they basically throw money at you!!

So, how do I fit this all in? Well, I need 16 hours a week, so, with Emily being at school that's OK. Then, on a Saturday Rob's going to take out the kids to give me peace and quiet to study, and mum and dad have offered to have Xander one day a week, so I'll have a good few hours between school runs there. We're also considering putting him in nursery one day a week. Obviously I need the time to study, but we also think he's coming to the age where he could do with interacting with kids of his own age, so that should be good!

So, prepare for me with head in books, dressing even worse than I do now, and falling out of student bars after spending all evening at '50p A Pint ' night!!!


Ann.B. said...

Hi Louise and all,
Really enjoy reading your pages.
Well done and good luck as you begin your 'student days' again.
Ann & E

Marie said...

Woo hoo!! Bring on the all night booze sessions, beer bongs and coming home with the dawn chorus!!

...well, maybe not, but you can dream can't you :)

Glad you've got it sorted hun. Now I can start making comments about layabout students who sponge off the state just to wind you up :P

love M

Lou said...

Aww, thanks Ann! Love to you and the sexy E!!

Marie - Ha! the jokes on you, it's your tax I'm going to be spending! Hang on a minute, I'm getting bugger all off the government!

Stef said...


Only kidding my friend. Well done to you.

Stef said...

Also, how do I post a pic of me & lillie to come up when I write a message to you?

Lou said...

Stef, don't think you can. Will have to email me it instead. And face it, Lillie's one thing but do you really want my friends to be traumatised by a pic of you?!

Anonymous said...


Point taken, just Lillie!!!