Sunday, 15 July 2007

Oooh, I'm All Cultured!!

Well, the last time I posted about going to a gig was to see the lovely Slash where I was rocking out at the front in a big sweaty mosh pit!! Well, I'm nothing if I'm not diverse, last night I went to the opera!!

They do a huge free 'Opera In The Park' up here every year and I've never been. My friend Kay got me a ticket and so off we trotted with her friends Heather and Jane, champagne and smoked salmon in hand, for an evening of culture. Heather brought along a fold up table and we sat in the park (along with 70,000 others), drinking, eating and listening to the Leeds Philharmonic (sp?) Orchestra and a few opera stars. It was actually lovely and hearing some of the old classics (Nessum Dorma (yet again, sp?!) was really beautiful. I really enjoyed it! It was a bit of a trek home, ages waiting in the cue for the bus then negotiating all the Saturday night drunks in the taxi queue, but I'd definately go again.

It was nice getting to know Heather and Jane a bit better too as I've only met them a couple of times. I had a good chat with Jane as she's a head mistress so she was giving me plenty of advise! Anyway, here's a couple of pics. First is me, Heather and Jane enjoying some champers, the next is Kay and Heather with their chocolate dipped strawberries! Yum!!


Ann.B. said...

Hi Louise,
Just has to wite about the Opera in the Park event - what a good day it turned out to be weather wise. We missed the event this year which was a shame, but we had visitors for the weekend,and they did not fancy it!! Have been every year for many years now and always enjoy it, and as it is free - even better.

Marie said...

Hark at you all cultured and posh with your checked table cloth! There'll be no talking to you now ;) Glad you had a good time hun. love M