Sunday, 8 July 2007

Brushstrokes & Foos!!

So, the Changing Room bug has definately hit in the Gillard household! Emily was very put out that she had to go to school on Friday instead of helping me with the decorating. So, I promised her that she could help paint the next room on the list, which is the downstairs loo (Rob hates the colour in there!). Well, silly me, Emily's not a lady that likes to be kept waiting so, as soon as she got back from Grandma's yesterday morning it was "Can we paint the bathroom now?". Hmmm, should have put a timescale on that promise! Anyway, we managed to put her off till today but eventually we relented and this afternoon she got in there with a roller! Actually not a bad job for a 5 year old, though obviously we had to go round after her!

We've had quite a nice weekend all in all. Emily and I had a girly afternoon in town yesterday and last night we let her stay up to see Foo Fighters on Live Earth. As you can see from the video clip, she just loves the Foos!!


Marie said...

Go Emily!!! Who needs a mosh pit when you've got the living room floor! Rock Chick in the making. You must be so proud Lou :)


Stef said...

Ah Lou!!

Memories of you dancing @ Rio!!!!!x