Friday, 9 October 2009

This Little Big Went Back To School, This Little Piggy Stayed Home!

So, Emily's fit and well and gone back to school today...and Xander came down with the oinking last night! Ain't it always the way?!

Poor Xan seems a lot poorlier with it too (as I think is quite common with under 5's), poor little man. :( We have the tamiflu, which has made him sick as a dog this morning, but needs must. We know all too well in our house about complications such as pneumonia and I'm not taking the risk.

Really bummed as me and Xan get to miss the family reunion tomorrow for the 2nd year running. Luckily though at least Em and Rob get to go so a 50% representation is better than none. Would have been so good to catch up with Rob's family over a few glasses of vino and take advantage of the super-posh hotel, but there's no way I can leave him (mum did offer but I firstly can't leave my boy when he feels like rubbish, and secondly expose more people to the piggy stuff). So, I'll have to go for third time lucky next year!

For now, the little mite is laid on the sofa cuddling Steggy and watching CBeebies. I get the feeling that scene ain't gonna change all day!


Rach said...

Awwww poor little guy, hope he's better soon xxx

Marie said...

Poor Billy Jim. And bummer about the reunion. The post title made me LOL though ;)

Ann said...

Poor little mite - hope he soon feels better, and glad that Emily is over her bout. Good to see you still have your sence of humour though Lou!!!!!!!!!!xxx

Anonymous said...

Saturday. If this little piggy has swine flu I will eat my hat!!! He has no temperature, is eating like a pig (the only connection I can see to Swine!!) and running rings around his Grandma!!!