Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The C Word

OK, so we're still not mentioning Ch****** round here, not until at least Dec 1st, but that doesn't mean that Little Miss Organised here can't be prepared.

Certain things are just necessary - like when you need to 'feed' certain puddings for 2 months before they're fit to grace your table! So, on Sunday I set to work on the annual Ch****** pudding. About 10lbs of fruit, 1/2 pint of brandy (and maybe a cheeky bit of sherry I found in the cupboard!), 2 huge mixing bowls and a lot of cramming and voila! A 4 pint pudding!

Then, 10 hours of steaming, which meant a day of brandy/mixed spice smells wafting through the house (mmmmmmmmm....):
And the result is lovely plump, brandy fuelled pud:

It's now safely wrapped up and in the garage, ready for it's first 'feed' in a week or 2.
***WARNING*** Drivers and children - Do not even sniff Lou's Ch****** pudding!


Rach said...

Bloody hell woman! I can smell that booze from here!!!

Looks good xx

Clair said...

Could you please stop this 'C' word stuff - I feel SO unorganised!