Sunday, 25 October 2009

Cropping - Bill-No-Mates Style

I went to my local crop yesterday... I was the only one who turned up! Not sure if I smell but in the end, it was quite nice having a whole craft room meant for 10 people, all to myself! The lovely Kirsty was working so she kept popping in to keep me company, and Jane called in for an hour to do some stamp swapping.

Despite being on my own, I still only managed 2 layouts though. Yesterday was Xander's album day and I scrapped these 2 fab pics of him:

Just love these Abbey Road papers, I think I may need some more for my collection of 'paper to stroke but never use' (I have a lot of paper like that!).
I also had a blast from the past browsing the Sarah Kay stamps they have in. Anyone who's around my age might remember the Sarah Kay sticker albums. I was obsessed with these when I was a very young girl and was always desperate to get my album finished (which alas I never did.). So, I love looking at all the stamps the craft shop have in. Kirsty brought in a Xmas one so I could do some stamping for Xmas cards and I spent a happy 30 minutes stamping away!

In other news, Halloween has come early round here. With it being in half term a lot of schools have brought events forward. On Friday we got dressed up at school (well, I say we, for that read the kids, me and 1 other teacher!) and on Thursday, Emily had her Halloween disco. How cool a witch does my daughter make?!

Right, best be off, birthday party central round here today so need to get ready for an afternoon of bowling alleys and play gyms!


Clair said...

Sounds idyllic. You get to choose the music, eat all the biscuits and scrap away without distraction! Still, I'd probably miss the gossip :)

Polly said...

I think I'd quite like it too, I never get anything done so 2 layouts is quite impressive to me!