Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Naked Chef!

Jamie Oliver's got nothing on my boy. Every Wednesday when he goes to Grandma's, he loves to 'crack the eggs' and make omelettes. Don't ask me what the egg obsession's all about but it's a firm favourite at the moment so this morning I asked if he'd like to make an omelette - '"oooh yes, get the eggs, crack the eggs, mix the eggs!".

Now, my son has a naked thing too, he will do anything naked and, as he was in that transition between PJs and clothes, it would seem he likes to cook naked too. Oooh, watch that cheese slicer Xan!
Today is the first day back of 'Mummy & Xander' time. As we'd paid for all of September in advance when I started the shortest career on earth, we've been letting him go as he loves it there. However, today's October so Xander's back with me on a Thursday and Friday, hurray! Well, hurray for me, Rob pointed out that Xan would probably be much happier at nursery with all his friends and so decided to dress him appropraitely:

Yeah, cheers for that Rob!


Juicy3675 said...

LOL!! bless him! What is it about boys and nakedness? mine still takes all his clothes off at any opportunity.. and thats just the husband!! Jake's just as bad though.

Love his t shirt too! x

Marie said...

ROFLMAO @ naked omelette making. Ewan would so do that if he could get away with it (if I'd let him in my kitchen that is ;)).