Saturday, 17 October 2009


Over a week since a blog post? Surely that's unheard of?!

I didn't really realise until I got a worried email from my friend Ann yesterday (well, I got it yesterday, she'd actually sent it days ago, such is my inability to switch the pooter on these days!), asking if I was OK as there's been no blog activity for a few days! Sorry Ann!

So, everything's fine. The kids recovered from the piggy stuff very quickly and are both running around like mad 'uns again!

I started my new job Monday so am actually out of the house during the day, woohoo! (Though I'm missing pingpong email during the day with a certain lady; not allowed to email in class! :P). I'm in a very very 'challenging' school and some of the kids backgrounds would shock you. However, most of the kids are really sweet and I'm enjoying it. I've done a lot of shouting at the not-so-sweet ones but that's all par for the course! The hours are good and I'm home for 4pm so I still get plenty of time with my own kids aswell (who, believe me, seem like little angels in comparison!).

Speaking of my little angels, Emily has been making us very proud this week. A few weeks ago her school had a diving school come in and do some activities with the kids. We have a big diving school here as the Olympians train in one of our pools round here. Anyway, they have a programme to spot future Olympic divers so have been going round schools and picking the top boy and girl from each school to go for a tryout. Guess who they picked? Yup, our Emily!! We have to fill in all these forms (they want to know how tall me and Rob are!) but we've talked to her and she'd like to give it a go! If she got through she'd start training from Olympic coaches! I think there's not many places so quite a small chance but I think the experience of the tryout will be excellent for her!

Xander's just been melting my heart this week. He misses his mummy during the day and as soon as I walk in he runs up and hugs and kisses me. Then he'll go away and spend the next hour just randomly coming up and hugging me going 'Mummy, miss you!'. Could I love that boy any more?!

Been spending my evenings knitting like a good 'un. I've nearly finished Emily's Xmas pressie then am moving on to Xander's. I'm hoping if I get them done I can maybe make some gifts for my niece Evie and my BFF's little girl Elise (who was a great big 6 yesterday! Happy Birthday little mate and I'll see you this afternoon!). I'll see how I go first but am loving knitting at the moment, it's so relaxing!

Right, that's it for now. Emily has horse riding this morning and then we have an afternoon celebrating Elise's birthday. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and I promise to be a better blogger this week! :)


Juicy3675 said...

Louise... do you ever sleep? I dunno where you find the time.

Glad you managed to get away without a dose of piggy flu. x

Ann said...

Glad all is well Lou -I can see now why you have not 'blogged'
Pleaseed the little ones (or not so little in Emily's case) are better now xx