Thursday, 29 October 2009

Anniversaries Gok Style!

I love Gok Wan! Every Tuesday is Gok night and I always look forward to it. There's just something about that man that every woman loves!

However, there's not a cat in hell's chance that you'd ever get me on that show. Even the thought of massive shopping sprees with the lovely Mr Wan couldn't convince me to strut down a catwalk in my grundies and then whip it all off infront of all the local Saturday shoppers!

However, there is something to be said for celebrating your body, wobbly bits and all, and it gave me an idea. Yesterday was a very special anniversary for me: it was 10 years since my first open heart surgery. I can't believe it's been a whole decade since that day and can't believe all that's happened since (namely 2 mini people shaped things!).

One thing not many people see is my scar. Unlike a lot of heart surgery where they go in through the breastbone (which in turn is then fairly visable) I had what's called a thoracotomy (sp?) where they go in round the side (and I still have the clicking ribs to prove it! Shudder at the thought of rib spreaders!). It's not I hide it, it's just not on display too much. However, all in the spirit of embracing things, I decided to celebrate my scar and post a pic of it. Don't worry, there's no wobbly bottom type things with me sat on a horse lady Godiva style, just a nice simple pic of what makes me who I am.

It's also quite important as Emily has this same scar too from her lung surgery as a toddler. I've always told her how special that scar is and tried to make her proud of it. I think as she gets older and inevitably more body concious, it's important I set an example that scars are nothing to be ashamed about.

Plus, she loves Gok too!

So, deep breath, here is my Gok-style naked photo!


Juicy3675 said...

Congratulations on your 10 yr anniversary and good for you on the showing of your scar! Scar's are a sign of a life lived to the max.. and yes I DO tell myself that every time I find a new wrinkle or catch sight of my stretch marks!! not quite the same I know..

Rach said...

Gok would be proud of you hun xx

Happy anniversary, here's to many, many more xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Marie said...

Woo hoo! Go you Miss Lou!

You should be proud of your scar hun - it goes towards making you who you are, and we love who you are, so that's cool.

Auntie Gok would be a very happy gay man ;)


Clair said...

Wow Lou! That's amazing - it really tells a story. I still feel a bit sick at the idea of rib spreaders (?) but you are so brave. Well done lady x

Tara said...

Me likey! Me likey a lot!